Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cannibal Corpse - A Skull Full of Maggots (1989)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Format: Tape
Year: 1989
Additional Info:
Recorded at Border City Recording by Dennis Fura. Done with 8 tracks. Xeroxed covers. The first batch of 100 was with a white cover and the logo. The second 100 were with a red cover and the logo. The lyrics were not included. Recorded on a 8 track. Cassettes were regular Non-Studio tapes.
Review: Metal-archives

01 - A Skull Full of Maggots
02 - The Undead Will Feast
03 - Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
04 - Put Them to Death
05 - Bloody Chunks


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